Antiques Restoration


Complete professional restoration services are available:

we specialize in:

  •             Classic era cars (1929 through 1937),

  •             Classic era wood speed boats and runabouts

  •             Antique gas pumps

  • ,           automobilia and nautical items

  •             Late 60's and early 70's muscle cars

  •             Exotic and special interest cars

  •             Classic era (29-37) and 60's and 70's engines

We have a vast reference library for research.


We have a complete wood shop and metal shop including metal shaping


Our primary interest is in long term projects and complete restorations, but we will consider partial restorations on a limited basis.




We Specialize in Wooden Boat Repair and Restoration.

on the Hillsborough River

just up river from the Hillsborough Ave. Bridge


Jean Street Shipyard, Inc.

337 W. Jean Street

Tampa, FL  33604

Tel:  813-239-2526


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